Friday, September 7, 2012

Special Education Students and RTI

There have been a lot of questions about Special Education students and the RtI process. See below to find out what you do when you have concerns about a Special Education student.
  • If the student has an IEP, but you have sigificant concerns, do the following: 
    • Determine if the issues you are concerned about are addressed in the student's IEP goals (refer to the student's accommodation form). 
      • If  YES, then...
        • make sure you review their accommodations and think about whether you are providing the appropriate accommodations on a regular basis.
        • contact the student's case manager to find discuss other strategies you can use to support the student.
      • If NO, then...
        • refer the student to your IDT team for discussion to implement a Tier 1a intervention for the area that is NOT addressed in their IEP 
          • OR,  you can devise one independently, just let your team know what supports you will be putting in place for the student. 
(example: If a student has IEP goals for Reading, but you are noticing they are demonstrating significant challenges in math, refer the student to your IDT team/or independently devise a Tier 1a intervention in Enrich.)

If you are having significant concerns about a Special Education student, always make sure you talk to their case manager.