Friday, September 7, 2012

The Non-negotiables to Submit Names for IDT

IST has devised a few expectations for submitting names for your IDT discussions to support focused work and effective use of time. They are as follows:

  • IDT Student Data Checklist form MUST be filled out PRIOR to the meeting and sent to your IDT team & admin.
  • Parents/guardians MUST have been contacted regarding the academic and/or behavior issue at some point prior to submitting the students name for IDT (behavior and/or academic)
  • Behavior only: Teacher Discipline Actions (See Staff Handbook) MUST be completed prior to referring a student to IDT (conference with the student, home contact, teacher consequences).

If these expectations have not been fulfilled prior to the meeting, the team should NOT move forward with discussing the student until they have been completed.

Remember, students need to be added to the list when you are ready to strategize towards solutions for ongoing academic and/or behavioral challenges. We do not add students because they had an “off” week, or because for some reason they made us upset that day. The purpose of IDT is to devise interventions that result in solutions for persistent and ongoing challenges students are demonstrating.