Friday, September 7, 2012

What if we want to just check-in about a student...

What if we have a student and we would like to just see if the issues we are seeing/experiencing are happening in other classrooms or just ours?  Do we need to go through this process as well before we can discuss a student in every case?  This morning time is the only time that we as a team have to discuss students because we do not have the same plan or lunch.  Added, if a student is on the agenda then we can gather needed materials to aid in the conversation. 

For “quick conversation” students, I would not put them on the agenda. I would edge out about 5 to 7 minutes at the end of your meetings to discuss these kids so that the majority of the meeting is focused on attending to the students that need intervention support. If it’s a quick “hey , how’s this kid doing in your class” you could also converse by email if you’re looking for more immediate responses from your team.  If you find that you are “student-less” for your day’s meeting, obviously that would not be an issue. The process described in the previously sent email is for the students you know need focused attention through an intervention.